Marion’s Troubles: Wambaw Creek & Tidyman’s Plantation

The Journal of the Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution

Vol. 12, No. 1.1                                                                                                July 2018

Outfoxed – Marion’s Forces Dispersed by a Genius:

Wambaw Bridge and Tidyman’s Plantation February 24-25, 1782

                               Charles B. Baxley, David Neilan, and C. Leon Harris © 2018

After Cornwallis’s surrender at Yorktown, the Treaty of Paris in 1783 seemed a foregone conclusion, but the war was not yet over in South Carolina. Before the British finally left on December 14, 1782 the state would witness numerous skirmishes of American Continentals and militiamen against British regular troops and Loyalists. Two such engagements are particularly noteworthy, because they were defeats of the American forces of Gen. Francis Marion by Lt. Col. Benjamin Thompson, a military novice. Marion earned enduring fame as the celebrated “Swamp Fox,” while Thompson later earned international acclaim as Count Rumford, the scientist.

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Outfoxed – Wambaw Creek Bridge and Tidyman’s Plantation